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Can you imagine someone abusing and/or neglecting a child? Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect happens everyday. The staff, volunteers and board members of Richland County CASA and The Richland County CASA Foundation are advocates for children and all proceeds donated to the foundation go to support the children in need.

The Richland County CASA Foundation is recognized nationally for its innovative programs and support provided to the children and staff of Richland County CASA. Quality services are delivered through a small staff and an army of Guardians ad Litem to the children who need them most.

How much do you spend on a nice dinner each week? Many people cannot go to a nice restaurant without at least spending $20. $20 a month can go a long way in our organization. More and more abused and neglected children are entering the system each day. The number of cases for June 2017 exceeded the total number of children served in 2016. These numbers are staggering and we need your help to make sure each child has a safe and nurturing home.

Donations will help children in Richland County, SC. There is so much need nationally and internationally, but often time we can make a larger impact if we reached out and helped those in our own backyards who need help.

Please donate today. Your investment will help put a smile on the face of a hurting child. Give today.


By Mail

PO Box 12707
Columbia, SC 29211-2707


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